Grapes on wine plant Soil of a vineyard

My Vineyard

We are committed daily, with an ethical and respectful viticulture, concerned with preserving the environment and the nature of which it is a part. Our approach is materialized by converting our vineyard to organic viticulture.

Our interventions in the vineyards depend on the needs fo the grapes and the goal of producing them with optimum ripeness, favorable for the production of round and fruity wines, of high quality.

This perspective requires a careful observation of the behavior of our vines and their variations throughout the days of their vegetative cycle during the seasons and to respond appropriately.

Planted with the strains: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon, My vineyard extends over more than 13 hectares, divided into 9 separate plots.

We work each plot differently, according to its own characteristics and those of the variety that is grown, using the nutritional potential of its soil.

Finally, our grapes are harvested by hand. We hope they have an optimum and favorable maturity for the aging or maturity of a harmonious wine of great complexity.