My Wines

The wines are proposed once their aging is finished according to the profile and the vintage.

Our wines Nouvelle vie “Le Début” (the beginning)

Made with grapes harvested by hand in our vineyard, made with organic viticulture in convergence; our wines are filtered and stabilized by cold. Harvested by hand so that the grapes arrive intact to the winery and thus protect it from oxidation and undesirable fermentation exposures.

All my efforts and SAVOIR FAIRE serve the development of different and high quality wines. Our job is to intervene delicately “from the strain to the glass”, in all the elements that determine the excellence of our wines. This wine, «le Début» we grow them without adding sulfite to maintain their naturalness and preserve the creamy texture.

This is simply the beginning…

Nouvelle vie wine bottle 2018

Le Début

For me, one of the most interesting characteristic in terms of quality in red wines is the density and the creamyness in the mouth. I noticed it at the end of the fermentations processess andit disappears once sulfite is added the wine. Therefore I suggest this wine blended with Merlot 75% & Cabernet Sauvignon 25% without additional sulfites. Nouvelle Vie is dark red, fruity, full bodied with this creamy sensation that I particularly like especially served at the right temperature 18 degrees Celsius. My vineyard is going towards the ecological direction and is in organic conversion.

Grape variety

75% Merlot

25% Cabernet Sauvignon


14% by vol.


41 756 bottles