Making wine is a story of women and men.

Without a doubt, it is certainly very difficult to make different wines in Bordeaux. In general, we work with the same variety of grapes and using the same production techniques. For me the most important principle – whether the classification and / or the designation of origin – is to use the most precise techniques to reveal different terroir. That is why I am convinced that the best wines will be made in the morning.

In truth, we still have a lot to learn:

first about the vine,

about its behavior,

about the variables in climate,

about the changes in manufacturing practices that the world allows us to operate in,

about the aging of the wine,

and about its ability to evolve and improve.

I like different wines, the wines of artisans, original, that invite you to travel.

I like the wines of experience, dense, that convey emotions when they are young and that reveal their experience over time.

I like wines that are complex and delicate, through which they combine: harmony and simple pleasures … a taste experience.

I manage my vineyard with this philosophy. Its 9 plots, with four varieties of grapes and so many different characteristics.

Each operation is performed for a specific purpose, and all technical processes are geared towards the physiological balance of the vine to obtain excellent grapes that will result in excellent wines.

Of the 13 hectare (32.12 acres), which constitute my vineyard, 8 hectare (19.76 acres) are in the certification process as “Organic Agriculture” and “High environmental value”; all are decidedly oriented towards tomorrow.